To remodel, or not to remodel, that is the question. Ok, that’s not quite what Shakespeare wrote but the point still stands: should you prioritize bathroom renovations in your home? The simple answer is that it depends on a variety of different factors. 

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for bathroom remodel in Newark, Delaware guidance while you make your decision. Below, we’ve outlined 3 pros and cons of remodeling your bathroom so you can make the right choice for you and your family.

Pro 1: It Gives You the Chance to Customize Your Bathroom

Unless you moved into a custom-built home, there are probably some aspects of your bathroom that you don’t love. Whether it’s the color of that outdated tile or an old bathtub that rarely gets used, remodeling your bathroom gives you the chance to finally make your bathroom more functional for your family’s needs. 

Con 1: The Process Can Take a While 

Bathroom remodels have a reputation for being stressful, partially because the interruption to your home can feel like it drags on forever. However, choosing the right contractor can make all the difference in your project’s timeline. Here at D&C Bath LLC, we’ve worked hard to simplify the remodeling process. 

As a result, our projects often take days to complete, not weeks. And, during the project, we’ll do our best to minimize disruptions to your everyday life.

Pro 2: It Can Boost Your Home’s Value

When buyers are searching for a home, bathrooms and kitchens are usually the rooms that are most important to them. If you take the time to remodel your bathroom, not only will your family get to enjoy it, but it can also help you fetch more money should you decide to sell your home. 

Typically, the highest-value projects are bathtub and shower remodels, so keep that in mind when planning your project.

Con 2: The Cost It Takes to Remodel

Of course, one of the downsides of remodeling your bathroom is that it costs money. However, keep in mind that this is money well spent. In our area, a mid-range bathroom remodel has an average ROI of around 55%, making it a project with great value. 

Beyond that, we offer competitive pricing so you can create the bathroom of your dreams at a price that works with your budget.

Pro 3: You Can Make Your Bathroom Safer

As you get older, your mobility will likely change. As such, stepping into and out of your bathtub will become more of a tripping hazard that may lead to serious injury. In that case, you might consider a tub-to-shower conversion, installing a walk-in shower with a barrier-free entrance to help you stay safe. 

Additionally, our showers are made from high-quality acrylic with Microban® protection, which prevents the growth of mold and mildew, further keeping your family safe.

Con 3: It Can Be Stressful Looking for a Contractor

With so many contractors out there, trying to find the best one for your project can be incredibly overwhelming. During your search, we recommend reading through customer reviews so you can get an unbiased look at what it’s really like to work with a contractor. 

You should also take some time to look through a contractor’s portfolio before making your hiring decision. We hope that by reading real words from our customers and looking at pictures of our work, you’ll agree that the D&C Bath LLC team is the best choice for your remodel.

Local Experts in Bathroom Renovations

After weighing the pros and cons of a bathroom remodel in Newark, Delaware we outlined above, you should be ready to decide whether to remodel your bathroom. As your local experts in bathroom renovations, D&C Bath LLC is here for you when you’re ready to move forward with your project. 

To get started, schedule a free consultation with our team.